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There is something enchanting about the growth possible when visiting sacred sites directly. Like studying art or spiritual history, no book or movie can capture the essence of a real, live experience of these locations. Healing workshops, ministry groups and counseling can bring us an awareness of spiritual truths and Christ Consciousness, but standing in the physical location of Master Teachers and walking where people have prayed and performed ritual for thousands of years, takes us into mystical realms not so easily experienced at home. Many who travel with me experience synchronicities in their lives, awaken their psychic abilities, deepen their connection to God and return home with a renewed inspiration to follow their soul’s purpose and pursue their dreams!

The Following Are Sacred Sites Trips Currently Scheduled &

Planned for the Near Future…

Seeking the Divine in Spain & Portugal:

A Tour Dedicated to Following the Heart of Mother Mary

If you have a love for Mother Mary and feel called to join us, on September 14 we embark for Barcelona Spain, to fall in love with food, wine, music and partake in Sunday morning Mass at the Sagrada Familia. This church is said to be one of the most remarkable pieces of art in the world. Antoni Gaudi spent his entire life building a church to resemble Mother Nature inside, while honoring his connection to Jesus and Mother Mary. He was aptly named, God’s architect.

From there we will travel to Montserrat, where we will visit a Monastery built into the mountain side, in Catalonia Spain. Here we will hike, we will see the famous Black Madonna known to heal when others have prayed in front of her and hear the boys choir sing us into the depths of our heart.

On to Girona, for a quaint stay in a classic Spanish village and a meditation gathering in the chapel garden where Charlemagne claimed to have a vision of Mother Mary. There will of course be time for a trip to the beach!

On the 20, we fly over to Portugal and start our tour with a visit to Fatima; the central theme of this tour. Our Lady of Fatima visited children in the early 1900’s and asked them to pray for the world because of the devastation of WWI. She has called to those of us going on this tour, as when we make these pilgrimages to the sites where she has visited, something special happens. We feel her presence, our connection to the Divine strengthens and our inner peace grows substantially.

We will visit a few other churches in Portugal dedicated to Mother Mary, see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and visit an ancient initiation site where seekers of old once were initiated into the mystery school teachings of Christ Consciousness. This tour ends on September 26, where we will fly home from Lisbon.

Breathtaking sites, sensual delights, and soul transformational experiences, describe the nature of our 2018 journey into the heart of Spain & Portugal. Reach out if you feel the call to join us. (830)-265-0197

Walking in the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene

Explore into the heart of the Divine Feminine on a trip across the South of France. We seek to understand the path of Mary Magdalene as the one female disciple of Jesus, who carried the knowledge of the Cosmic Christ into the South of France after his Ascension. Learn about the ancient lineage of the Black Madonna, follow the history of the Knights Templar holding the secrets of King Solomon’s treasure and go on a pilgrimage in search of the Holy Grail. Visit Rennes le Chateau, Carcassonne, and Montsegur, home of the Cathar’s. Hike to powerful caverns in the rocks where initiations in Christ Consciousness were performed. 

Visit the fairy forest of Nebias and feel the elemental energy in a natural wooded labyrinth that takes hours to journey into and out of. Play in the hot springs of Rennes Les Bains and end our sacred sites tour with a drive to Lourdes. Complete the journey with a baptism in the healing waters blessed by Mother Mary and a candle light vigil asking for world-wide prayers all the while birthing Christ Consciousness within.

Walking in the Footsteps of Christ

For those of us who have fallen in love with our Christian roots we dream of walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Follow us on a life changing adventure into the holy land and feel what it was like to live as a disciple walking the path toward enlightenment. Visit Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Temple Mount, Mt. Carmel, Magdala, and visit the tombs of King David and Lazarus. Get baptized in the Sea of Galilee, walk the Via Delarosa through the Garden of Gethsemane toward Calvary and visit the ancient Wailing Wall of ess!

Jerusalem. Additions to this sacred sites tour include brief visits into parts of Turkey, the Island of Patmos where St. John wrote Revelations and Petra Jordan. Journeying into the cradle of civilization takes us so deeply into the roots of our past lives, that we are able to clear any karmic debts, change old contracts and send prayers into the epi center of the earth to heal the thousands of years of religious warfare that we are still experiencing today. Many of us attracted to this particular tour find that we were there before (Jewish, Christian, Pagan and Muslim), feel a responsibility to bring peace to the Middle East and are drawn to the sensuality and magic of the old ways. We are also seeking to become Masters of Christ Consciousn

Ascension Through the Mystical Realm of Scotland and England

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey, psychically and spiritually to some of the most spectacular sacred sites of Scotland, including the megalithic circles, the Holy Island of Iona (meaning the Dove named after the boy Jesus), the mysterious stones of Callanish, holy wells, mountains, waterfalls, the Praying Hands of Mary, and the Templar Rosslyn Chapel! Scotland is a wealth of magic and spiritual discovery. It is a prominent location in which to connect with Mother Earth and also open the heart to the Divine Spirit of the universe; 

feminine and nurturing, masculine and powerful, a place of beauty and a doorway to other worldly beings and vibrations; especially the fairy realm. Continue on to England where we will visit the Glastonbury Abbey, the Tor, places associated with the Holy Grail, the finding of which was the legendary quest of King Arthur and his knights. We will connect with the incredible standing stones of Avebury and Stonehenge for life altering meditations and ritual. It is even possible to stumble across a crop circle. Let the divine guidance of Christ light the way!

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