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Private Consultations with Angela

Holistic healing is something that every human being on planet earth should invest their time and energy in. It makes the difference between proactively staying well versus seeking treatment once diagnosed with a physical or mental illness. I encourage all of my clients to commit to healing on a physical level with body work, diet, and exercise. 

I ask that they do emotional work in therapy with me and keep themselves accountable in study to heal and reframe patterns of the mind. Finally, I guide them through levels of spiritual healing and ask them to practice daily meditation and prayer.

If a client wants to work with me by phone I am able to offer insights into creating a plan for helping them to heal the areas of their life that are problematic. I can refer them to healers in the city that they live for hands on work and if I happen to be coming to their city for a book signing during that year, I can schedule a private session with them to do deeper levels of emotional healing by means of hypnotherapy, soul retrieval, and energy work. I am used as a phone consultant for matters ranging from, health issues, grief and loss, marital advice, questions about creating intimacy and enhancing sexuality, parenting, healing personal trauma, and overall life coaching for those who are looking to understand themselves and their choices better.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust

Phone Consultations

45 Minute Session. Please include your phone number and best times to call.

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