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As one who was born with the heart of a seeker, I have chosen the path of counselor, healer, and spiritual guide into the mystical realms of the unknown. Whether I am offering counseling and hypnotherapy to heal core wounds, spiritual readings, intimacy workshops or sacred sites tours; I am facilitating a journey toward self-discovery and spiritual awakening with the intention to elevate students of life to initiates of Christ Consciousness. Follow your Bliss and the Kingdom of Heaven shall be revealed!

As a Masters Level Marriage and Family Therapist I am grounded in the physical world, but have learned to communicate with the Spirit world in order to gain a deeper understanding of my client’s soul's purpose; as well as to introduce them to their own spiritual guardians. As a hypnotherapist, I am trained to take people into the past to recover the lost and wounded parts of themselves that need to heal. In turn, I help them transform their old agreements and self-doubts into the brilliance that comes from knowing and loving one’s self.  

 A Journey Toward Self Discovery, can-not occur without having an awareness of who we are as spiritual beings. In fact, I have found that through over 20 years of counseling, the root cause of most mental illness stems from a lack of connection to God and to others, due to the pervasive belief that we are not worthy of healthy, loving relationships. For this reason, I am passionately driven to help people overcome their resentments with religion and to help them find a path that nurtures their desire to learn about, listen to and talk to God. It is through guided meditation that we get there. My students can explore the depths of mystery school teachings, given to us from ancient Egypt, mystical Jewish texts, the Christian Bible, pagan rituals and prophets of New Age & Old Age wisdom. It is also through my love for adventure that I lead my students on Sacred Sites trips to all corners of the Earth. 

 The high vibration of certain locations in nature, in temples and around holy relics gives my students a greater chance to feel energy in their body, have psychic experiences, have visions of angelic beings and heal karmic emotional and physical pain. We also pray and send love and light into the ley-lines of Mother Earth with the intention to heal her body, the souls of her animals and all of God’s children.

“It is through the gateway to the unseen world that we will discover magic and be reintroduced to the power of our truly authentic and God ordained divinity."

Whatever you have experienced in this life that does not serve your highest good, let me help you to surrender it. Whatever fear, grief and shame you have not resolved, let me help you to clear it. Whatever relationship or health issue you are seeking to heal and whatever career goal you are seeking to fulfill let me walk you through a process to draw toward you, your heart’s desire. Allow me to connect you with other teachers and healers who like myself wish to grant you all the tools you need to rediscover your authentic peaceful and powerful self.

“The Important Thing Is This,

To Be Ready To Sacrifice What You Think You Are

For What You Could Become.”  

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