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Christ Consciousness Courses

The courses offered below have been structured specifically for students on the path desiring to deepen their knowledge of spirituality, and connection to God. They are all different in the style in which they are presented and are meant for the beginner on the path to the advanced metaphysical student.

Course # 1

For the Beginner: The Book of Life: Hidden Mysteries Revealed

13 Initiatory Steps to Creating a More Intimate Connection with Christ

This course is meant for the student who desires to understand their Bible better. It discusses important teachings that were left out of the Bible and it clears up misinterpretations that have led students on the spiritual path astray. For Christians it is meant to help them learn about hidden ancient wisdom not likely explained to them at church on Sunday, so that they may have a more comprehensive understanding of biblical texts they do not understand like Genesis and Revelations. For New Age students this course is meant for those of you who blocked reading the Bible because you fell out of love with the judgment you perceived was connected to it. Each of the 13 lessons has a homework assignment attached which will help to heal the parts of your soul that remain disconnected from God and will inspire you to read and know your Bible in an intimate way! This course is offered online for those of you who wish to pay $20.00 a week per lesson OR for the full course it is offered at a discounted rate of $200.00. I am available via email or phone for quick questions and advice as you go through the course.

Paid in Full $200.00

Weekly $20.00 x 10

Course # 2

For the Beginner: A Comprehensive Package Meant to Open Up the Student to Having a Deeper Connection with the World of Spirit and Develop a Relationship with Their Personal Guides and Guardians.

This course is meant for the student who wants to create a more personal connection to God. Many students have faith but they have not had an experience of the unseen world. Once we are able to distinguish the gifts Spirit has to offer us, we are more likely to see, hear, or feel God working within us. This leads to the occurrence of wonder happening in our lives, where Spirit begins to manifest physically in our daily lives. This package includes 7 phone or skype sessions where we work with guided meditation, hypnosis and prayer. We also may need to heal any emotional blockages that have kept us from having a closer relationship with God via old abuses, perceived abandonments and low self-worth. This package also includes an intuitive reading, which will help to explain some of your strengths, challenges and soul’s purpose; as well as a holy anointing oil created especially for your personal vibration and preference of scent. It is priced at $490.00 if paid in advance or at $85.00 per, 45 minute session.

Paid in Full $490

Hourly $85.00

Course #3

For the Advanced Student: Awakening the Inner Christ

This course is a 12 month, advanced training for students and teachers of Christ Consciousness. Each week, this course covers advanced teachings and spiritual concepts, as well as profound levels of personal application. Students learn to clear their centers (chakras) of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and live a life that reflects one’s Higher Self in every way possible. This includes cleansing the body, energy centers, nervous-system, emotions, mind, and soul. This course also covers the following: Initiations into Christ Consciousness through rarely understood “mystery teachings” of Jesus–some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene, the truth about Jesus’ “missing years” amongst the Essenes and the “Mystery Temples,” and Experiencing your own spiritual baptism. Powerful cleansing prayers are offered as the course commences throughout the year. The cost of this course is $100.00 a month as you will receive 4 lessons via email a month. You will have access to me via email or phone if you have any questions.

$100 x 12 months

Blessings to you if you seek to do whatever it takes to know the mind of Christ,

and be filled with the Holy Spirit; as no other worldly material or relationship will give us the peace that can only come from knowing the heart of God!

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