Journey Toward Self Discovery - Angela Marie Sorenson
Oh . . . For The Love Of God
If it’s true that our lives can change in a single moment and with each decision, then imagine what can happen in a few years worth of moments and decisions. And can we ever know for certain if our decisions will destroy us or bring us closer to our true destiny? Once awakened from life’s slumber, Angela Sorenson experienced moments of upheaval, synchronicity, and universal connection, thus allowing her to see how her life was out of balance and needed to be reconstructed in accord with her higher good. This epiphany, however, did not come without unexpected difficulties, frustrations, and confusion. Oh . . . For The Love Of God describes how the traumas of life can affect us and what most of us do to cope. It demonstrates how a person can be seemingly broken and yet survive, heal, and eventually thrive. By going through her own process of healing, Angela discovered tools and insights that you, too, might find helpful for creating a more fulfilling and authentic life. Her journey includes childhood traumas, epiphanies, marriage, divorce, psychology, tragedy, hypnotherapy, synchronistic messages from the universe, exploration into Tantra, and finally the integration of an applicable spiritual path.
Price: $15.00
“My ABC Book Of Amazing Animals...Just Like You"
“My ABC Book Of Amazing Animals...Just Like You" is an educational book for children learning how to read and to memorize their ABC's. Angela wrote this book for her son in the hopes that he would connect with each of the animals in it and discover how much he has in common with nature itself. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and along with the use of rhyme, your child will easily find an interest in this book and its curious critters.
Price: $18.00
Journey to Eden: Guided Meditation
Journey to Eden is a guided meditation designed for beginners and advanced students on the path towards spiritual awakening. This meditation’s specific purpose is, to gently guide the listener into a space where they can surrender all negative physical, emotional, and core beliefs that no longer serve them. The final part of the meditation is the most powerful part; where the listener gifts themselves by refilling with God. Journey to Eden also includes a tracking exercise to help discover the origins of all your self-doubts and present triggers. It was created with the intention to heal all who wish to let go, forgive, and evolve more into permanent states of peace, joy, and love.
Price: $17.95
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