Journey Toward Self Discovery - Angela Henry Sorenson
As one who was born with the heart of a seeker, I have chosen the path of counselor, minister, healer, and teacher. I have pursued my own quest for healing and understanding universal truth in an effort to perfect my gifts for the aid of others. 
As a Masters Level Marriage and Family Therapist I am grounded in the physical world, but have learned to communicate with the spiritual realm to gain deeper understanding of our soul's purpose; as well as to guide others on their path through the wisdom of their Spirit guides and guardians. As a hypnotherapist, I am trained to take people into the past to recover the lost and wounded parts of themselves that need to heal. In turn, I help them transform their old agreements and self-doubts into the brilliance that comes from knowing and loving ones self.  
A Journey Toward Self Discovery, can not occur without having an awareness of who we are as spiritual beings, as soul’s with a planetary purpose, and as individuals in relationship with others. For this reason I am sharing my expertise in the field of counseling with others, providing links to personal health, and offering my personal story about what it took to heal my own life. I have also included a link to events that I am either sponsoring or speaking at, where personal healing and connection with others is the primary focus. For it is through connection with others that we shall find intimacy, with self that we shall find fulfillment, and through Spirit that we will discover truth and phenomenal moments of Unconditional Love and Bliss!

As a minister I have been trained through the Foundation of Christ Consciousness to translate both the literal and symbolic teachings passed on to us from the great prophets and philosophers. I have a background in the study of world religions, in mystery school teachings and an awareness of how karma and the law of attraction work in our lives. We are co-creators in this universe experiencing that which we have contracted in Spirit form to create. Through the beliefs we hold and the thoughts we think coming from a place of lack or a healthy sense of self -worth, we attract to us our initial DNA coding, our biologic families and intimate relationships, financial gain or burden, and our psychological and physical health as well. It is only through the process of spiritual awakening that we are capable of truly understanding who we are as Divine Beings and will find ourselves in a position to change the course of our life so that it begins to resonate with all people, thoughts and activities that vibrate in a space of peace, prosperity and love.
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“The Important Thing Is This, 
To Be Ready To Sacrifice What You Think You Are
For What You Could Become.”  
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